YouTurn Auto Loan

Get ahead with a YouTurn Auto Loan

For people with less-than-perfect credit or no credit at all, we have an awesome solution to make sure you still have access to a reliable car at a reasonable interest rate of 10.99% APR. Because we believe that you deserve the chance to cruise around in a good car with a realistic payment, regardless of your credit history. Below are just some of the benefits. 

You'll pay quite a bit less in interest every month.

To put it simply, your vehicle payment will be less compared to financing at a Buy Here, Pay Here car lot.

Shop where you want.

Found a car that you love? Don't limit yourself to only inventory at dealerships that finance low / no credit. With the YouTurn loan, you can shop anywhere you feel comfortable.

This is your chance to build good credit.

Your credit score drives many important decisions in your life. Life is easier with good credit and you'll be on the right track with YouTurn.

Sound to good to be true? Here's how we make it happen...

Some dealerships manage their risk on loans by charging higher interest rates. Us? We like to take a simpler route. We manage our risk by adding a GPS unit to your car. An added cool benefit to having this device on your car is that typically your car insurance is also cheaper!

“I was trying to get my life back on track and Allegan Credit Union helped me figure things out. They create such a down to Earth, personal experience – they’re just awesome. I felt warm sitting with them. I also love how the parameters of the YouTurn loan help you get into a reliable car that will last. I was expecting a car way older. I love them, period”.
— Donald B. - Allegan Credit Union Member

Use the below checklist while shopping for your next vehicle to make sure it's in good shape before buying. 

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