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Direct Deposit

A better way to get paid.

No more checks passing through the mail. Your paycheck automatically deposits into your account.
Make paycheck deposits faster, easier, more direct, and more secure by signing up for Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit, funds are automatically transferred from your employer into your account.
  • No fees
  • More secure than mailing checks
  • Faster than depositing a check

Multiple deposit destinations

Divide your paycheck between accounts.

With Direct Deposit, you can assign funds to be deposited into different accounts, sub-shares, or loan payments. No more moving money around after your paycheck clears. If you have a variable monthly income, you can also assign a fixed amount to go into checking and have varied amounts transfer to savings and loan payments.


How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
Your employer may have a form for you to fill out which authorizes them to make automatic transfers. If they do not have a form or if they request a form from your credit union, Allegan has a Direct Deposit form which you can access.

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