Learn more about chip cards (EMV)

Frequently asked questions

What does EMV stand for?

Europay MasterCard VISA. It is also commonly referred to as a “chip card”.

What is a chip card?

A debit or credit card that has a micro-chip built into the card. This micro-chip is a more secure way of transmitting card information when you purchase items.

What makes a chip card more secure?

A chip card is more secure because the microchip is a protected device that stores your card information within it. When authorizing transactions with a chip, it sends encrypted information where as swiping a traditional magnetic strip sends unencrypted information.

When will I receive my chip card?

Our MasterCard Debit cards are expected to be rolled out in 2017. You will be issued a new chip card as your old card expires.

Our Visa Credit cards already have the chip technology you will be issued a chip card starting in February 2016 as your old card expires.

How does it affect me?

At stores, you will be asked to insert the chip into the card reader rather than swiping it. The cashier or the card reader will be able to instruct you on how to complete the transaction from there.

What should I do when I travel internationally?

When travelling, we recommend using our VISA credit card. If you do not currently have a chip VISA credit card, please contact our loan department at 269-673-5465 option #2.

How does having a chip card affect online shopping?

The chip card does not deter fraud in online transactions. This is because the chip only helps prevent fraud when the card is presented to a chip reader terminal.