Get a Debit card for a more secure way to conduct transactions. A debit card will allow you to pay for your groceries, buy your gas, or purchase just about anything with a swipe of the card. The debit will clear your account a lot quicker than writing checks so you do not have to worry about checks getting lost or taking too long to clear your account. Our MasterCard Debit Card is accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.

Changes to MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy

Effective October 17, 2014, members who have a MasterCard debit card will have a broader number of transactions covered by MasterCard’s Zero Liability Policy. Beginning on October 17, transactions conducted with your PIN (including transactions at merchants and at ATMs) may be covered by the Zero Liability Policy. Until October 17, 2014, the Zero Liability Policy only applies to signature-based transactions conducted with your MasterCard debit card. For transactions not covered by the Zero Liability Policy, your potential liability for unauthorized transactions will be determined as outlined in our Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement.


Reminder: If your card has been lost or stolen or if you have any reason to suspect an unauthorized transaction has occurred on any of your accounts, please contact us immediately.

If you need to report your Debit Card lost or stolen, please call 1-888-918-7873

The number for Fraud Detection is 1-888-918-7313 or (727-299-2449 for outside the US).

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