Card Conversion

When will the conversion of debit and credit cards happen?
– by 1/16/18, you should receive your new card(s) in the mail (cards are being mailed out be 1/9/18)
1/21/18 is the last day to use your current debit / credit card(s). Please remember to activate your new card(s) and update online vendors with new information before this date.

What should I do when I receive my new card?
– call the 800 number on your new card(s) when received to activate and set your pin
– reset any third party automated payments (e.g. auto bill pay), to the new card info
– update online vendor payments into such as Amazon, PayPal, if applicable

What changes can I expect with my new debit card?
– card expiration date
– debit card number
– CVV code
– you get to choose your own PIN (yay!)
– fraud protection enhancements
– direct assistance toll-free number (displayed on the backside of card)

…in addition, with your new credit card, you’ll now have real-time transaction reporting through online bill pay.

Kasasa Checking Member?  Great news, due to the conversion, you’ll automatically get your rewards for the month of January as long as you log into your online banking and are enrolled in e-statements.