We can tell you all day that we’re awesome. That we treat you like family and genuinely want to help our members.  That our mission of people over profits, relationships over revenue and community over credit score is what we live by and what drives us daily. But it’s always more impactful to hear it right from our members.

I am so thankful to be a member of the Allegan credit union. I borrowed a loan from them and also purchased their GAP insurance as well. That was probably the smartest decision I ever made.  I never had a car accident and figured it wouldn’t happen but I wanted to stay safe just Incase. I ended up getting in my first car accident a month after picking up my new 2011 Malibu. The car ended up being totaled. The insurance company only paid off soo much and told me I owed over a grand. Luckily I had GAP. GAP took care of the rest and even took a grand off of my new car. If I never purchased GAP I would of been in debt and probably wouldn’t of been able to go to College. I am so thankful for Choosing Allegan Credit Union and am glad to be apart of their family !

“The Budget Benchmark program forced me to be honest with myself.  It put things right in front of me and allowed me to get a handle on some items that were not being dealt with effectively.  It helped me lay out both short and long term goals and gave me a good look at the ‘big’ picture.  Ronda was great to work with, easy to talk to and provided great alternatives that have already put me on a better path financially”.

“[The budget benchmark program] is a financial program that the Allegan Community Credit Union offers to those people that may need some extra help in Budgeting or want to save some money or whatever your individual need is. I highly recommend this program Ronda is amazing to work with she very friendly and does not judge anyone’s situation. I was recently asked what I liked about Allegan Community Federal Credit Union so I told my story.. you see years ago I banked with 5/3 Bank and I sadly had a mental breakdown and I was no longer able to manage money in my home turns out I ended up bouncing checks everywhere I went to 5/3 explained my situation and asked for the hundreds of dollars in overdraft fee’s to be wiped away but that didn’t happed I was told I needed to pay all fee’s .. very overwhelmed and saddened of what to do next I went to Chemical bank to try and make a clean start I was told I could not have account because of many overdraft fee’s at 5/3 Bank. My husband suggested we go to our local Credit Union and finally someone was there to help me understood my situation and was there to help me and my husband.  Since then we have been members of Allegan Community Federal Credit Union its been years now that we have been here and to be honest it was the best move we have ever made I love walking in here and knowing that every employee knows my name and every employee is so helpful to me to whatever my need is for me its very calming to know what ever happens to me financially weather I need a small loan to undo a mess I created on my own or just need to see a friendly face I’ll always come to this credit union. I love Allegan Credit Union!”

“I have been a member of Allegan Credit Union for over 20 Years. It honestly is the service that keeps me here. I am not a number, I am a face and a name. The staff is A++ and top notch. I do believe they honestly care, not only for myself, but for all members.”