Becoming a Member


A person must live, work, worship or attend school in Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Calhoun, Cass, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph or Van Buren county to become a member of Allegan Credit Union. This is something that must be proven by the member. The field of membership also includes members of their household, spouses of members who passed away while having an account open, employees of our Credit Union, volunteers of our community and all immediate family members of the previously listed.

Immediate family is defined as a grandparents, parent, sibling, child, or grandchild. For the purposes of this definition, it also includes adopted children, stepchildren, stepparents, and stepsiblings.

All members have to keep their $5.00 share of our Credit Union in a Share Account. It is required to remain there until the account is closed. All members own part of the Credit Union and can vote at the Annual Meeting for Board Members who help guide the Credit Union with policies.

Allegan Credit Union has a “once a member, always a member” policy. This means you can remain a member and continue to receive products and services even if you no longer live, work, worship or attend school in Allegan County

If a member closes their account, they must re-qualify for membership if they ever want to re-open an account.