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5 Cool Allegan Credit Union Hacks

5 Cool Allegan Credit Union Hacks

Life is full of things we have to do. Why can't we just cut to all the fun things we want to do, right!? Well...we're here to help with that. Check out these 5 banking hacks that will make depositing, communicating, securing and saving a little easier, so you can enjoy your days a bit more.

1. Take pictures of your checks

You can deposit checks with your phone! Simply head to our app, click Move Money > Deposit Check, snap your pic and we’ll take care of the rest! Not sure how to download the app? Click here.

2. Text us!

Yes, seriously! It’s a great way to ask questions or send us documents! Send us a text at 269.673.5465 from 9am - 6pm M-F and 9am - 12pm Saturdays and one of our super amazing, talented employees will text you back!

3. Freeze your debit and credit cards

You have the power to turn your debit and credit card on and off whenever you need! We know cards get left in your pants pocket through the wash or mysteriously jump out of your wallet and under the seat of your car. (They do it all the time!) Just hop on our app and find Manage My Card in the “More” tab at the bottom.

4. Nickname your accounts

In addition to being able to update your personal information, set up automatic transfers, and pay your bills online, did you know you can nickname your accounts? Saving for a trip to the Bahamas? Nickname it “Bahama Rama!” Customize away!

5. Turn on your electronic change jar

We love our debit cards! But there’s nothing as satisfying as watching that change jar fill up and magically add up to A LOT. The good news is that we can turn on Debit Card Round Up for you! That will round each debit card transaction up to the nearest dollar and transfer that change to your savings! Hooray for saving!

Written by: Jennifer West, Operations Manager

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