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In the modern age, there are a lot of “E’s” thrown at you. Allegan Credit Union offers E-Statements, E-Alerts, and E-Notices… what’s the difference?


E-Statements mean that you will receive your monthly statement electronically instead of in the mail. The statement will be delivered directly to your secure online banking, and you’ll get a simple reminder in your email letting you know when it’s ready to view. E-Statements are more secure than paper statements—nobody can steal your mail, you can’t lose or misplace them, and you’ll have easy access to them forever. Plus, you’ll be saving trees!


E-Alerts are customizable alerts that you can set on your own terms. If you want to get an alert when your account balance dips below a certain amount, you can. If you want an alert letting you know the day before your loan payment is due, that’s an option. If you want an alert when your direct deposit comes in, go for it! E-Alerts allow you to keep up on your account and stay on top of your financial life, without having to remember to check your online banking all the time.


E-Notices are for all those extra notices you find in the mail—overdraft notices, payment reminders, etc.—delivered electronically, instantly. This gives you more privacy, more security and more control over your account. You’ll know immediately if something happens, rather than waiting for a notice in the mail, and it’s all in one secure place!

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